Blind Alley, Fort Worth TX
March, 2022
Cast Verdigris
Verdigris, copper

The installation at Blind Alley considers light, reflection, and materiality. Throughout the space, transparent washes of greenish pigment are applied to the wall and floor. The vibrant, pastel blues are achieved by applying thin layers of verdigris- the blue-green patina that forms on copper.The shapes evoke cast light, disappearing and reappearing within the reflection of the glass façade of the space. 

Paired with repeated copper plates tarnished with fingerprints, the work detaches and recontextualizes the patinated surface, transforming it into light.

Drawing of a Window

Drawing of a Window I & II
2021, 2022

Through the sculptural use of lead came from stained glass windows, I am interested imbuing the material with a sense of flexibility and distorting it from its usually decorative and planar form by brining it into space. The linework becomes drawing in a series of sculptures and installations.

March, 2022
Black marquina marble

In this body of work, I am interested in referencing flawed masonry and monumental architecture, considering contradicting qualities of fragility and permanence. The work is both the massive and the unimposing, haphazard and the refined. Through simple sculptural interventions, I hope to distill this found language and challenge those monumental structures which we consider everlasting.