I am interested in distilling and refining the language found in flawed masonry, decorative architecture, and hewn monuments. The work uses simple acts and interventions to emulate the purity and gravity of these structures. They are a challenge the grandiose and monumental--introducing elements of flexibilty and fragility to these otherwise invariable forms. 

There is an elegance in their moments of fissure and
a formal language in their entropy.

The work is impermanent, small, and brittle. It contains the disquiet of failure
and fragility— resting monoliths which might slip at any moment.

                                       “I am sensitive to those points where materials shift…those places of
                                      touch and pressure. In those 
simple moments of contact, there is a
                                      poignant sense of gravity and

                                     “Throughout, a soft arch introduces a sense of flexibility which contra-
                                     dicts the
monumental. Although this act defies the strength and
                                     rigidity of the monolithic,
these objects still exist as such.” 

                                     “It tapers where it had initially toppled. Its rounded foundation meets
                                      a sharp
cube of stone and seems almost to balance there. The disjunc-
                                      tion between
the two shapes creates a sense of tension. There is a
                                      sense that it may fall. It 
is worn, its edges have been rounded, and
                                      surface notched.”

                                      “...Where weight creates arches of tension.”